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Medals of the cross-industry sports competition

ISS-Reshetnev Company’s sportsmen won 12 medals at the cross-industry sports competition held among the employees of the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation and its organizations.

In this year’s edition of the competition ISS-Reshetnev employees represented the company in five sports disciplines, including futsal, tennis, table tennis, swimming and chess.

In swimming members of ISS-Reshetnev’s team became vice-champions – they got silver medals in freestyle and breaststroke relay races. In the individual medley, bronze medals were earned by Ivan Zimin, Irina Solomatina and Vitaliy Shatrov.

ISS-Reshetnev’s chess players Dmitriy Shmakov and Fedor Shmakov became the winners in team all-around chess. They also got one silver and one gold medal in the individual event.

ISS-Reshetnev’s tennis team took the 6th place with Irina Domanova and Valeriy Kudryavtsev also winning bronze medals in tennis singles.

The futsal team of ISS-Reshetnev Company finished the competitions in the 7th position while the employees playing table tennis became the 8th. Among individuals the bronze medal was won by Alexander Shumeiko.

According to the total amount of scores earned by ISS-Reshetnev employees at the cross-industry ROSCOSMOS sports competition, the company’s team was ranked in the 9th place.

The 4th cross-industry sports competition among the employees of the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation and its organizations was held in Moscow on September 16-20 at sporting facilities of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center. The competition brought together 33 teams representing Russia’s rocket and space companies. The total number of sportsmen competing in eight disciplines reached 1200.