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Three “Glonass-M” satellites developed and produced by NPO PM, were successfully launched

On the the carrier-rocket “Proton-K” with the booster “DM-2” launched 3 navigational spacecraft “Glonass-M”, developed and produced by the Reshetnev’s NPO PM, from the “Baikonour” launching-site.

On the 26th of October, at 10:35:24 of the Moscow legal time, the “Proton-K” carrier-rocket that was launched from Baikonour, injected into the circular orbit (19140 km height) the block # 36 comprising 3 “Glonass-M” spacecraft (## 18, 19,20). The spacecraft are developed and produced by the “Academician Reshetnev Research and Production Association of applied mechanics”(NPO PM). The control is maintained by the modernized System Control Center of the Ministry of Defense (Krasnoznamensk) and supported by the specialists of the NPO PM Data-Processing Complex. Spacecraft mass is about 1450 kg, lifetime period – 7 years.

Another 3 spacecraft “Glonass-M” are to be launched in December. This way the Russian satellite-based navigation system will be enlarged with 6 new spacecraft this year.

It should be said that recovering the GLONASS orbital constellation is one of the national priorities. The works are carried out within the bounds of the Federal target program and personally controlled by the President of the Russian Federation. The system was designed to efficiently and globally provide navigation data and correct time signals for military and civil users. In 2010 the GLONASS orbital constellation already should be fully deployed (it should comprise 24 spacecraft). By this time the constellation should comprise only “Glonass-M” satellites.

Today NPO PM is working on the development of the next generation navigation spacecraft - “Glonass-K”. Its characteristics will be improved and its lifetime period will be increased up to 10 years.