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NPO PM is creating a small-size spacecraft "Yubileiny" (“Jubilee”)

Within the frame of arrangements devoted to the 50th anniversary of the launch date of the first man-made satellite, the Reshetnev NPO Prikladnoi mekhaniki is creating a small-size satellite based on the unsealed platform.

This project will lay the foundation for the further small-size satellites with the mass of up to 100 kg based on an unsealed platform, which will be substitution for the same type sealed satellites. Today, there is a great demand for such satellites both at the Russian and the international markets as these satellites are used to solve many tasks including telecommunication purposes, testing of new technologies and devices, Earth probing, navigation and remote education. The production process for such satellites covers about one year with the relatively small costs involved. NPO PM is creating the module of service systems and a part of the payload.

The «Yubileiny» satellite is designed to transmit voice messages and photo and video information related to the 50th anniversary of the launch date of the first man-made satellite and the space industry in whole. The information will be downloaded via the radio-channel within 435 MHz international frequency band assigned for the experimental and radio amateur communications and be received worldwide while being radiovisible. The appropriate payload is created by the Russian defense sports & technical organization (DOSAAF) through the Russian Scientific & Research laboratory of space machinery (NILAKT).

NPO Prikladnoi mekhaniki will equip a 40-kg satellite with three-axis attitude determination and control subsystem including in-house Sun sensor and three new Earth imaging devices made by NPP «Geofizika - Cosmos». «Saturn» company will deliver ArGa solar arrays for the satellite. According to the program, a series of applied experiments will be carried out, and some advanced developments made by NPO PM and their contractors will achieve the flight qualification.

The launch of the «Yubileiny» satellite is scheduled in December 2007, together with a block of «Gonets-M» satellites by a launcher «Rokot». Simultaneously, NPO PM will also test the launching technology for further small-size satellites based on the platform considered.