JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

ISS-Reshetnev to build three advanced spacecraft for RSCC

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems will build three advanced telecommunications satellites, Expres-AM8, Express-АТ1 and Express-АТ2, for the Russian national satellite operator RSCC.

The tripartite contract for the design, development, manufacture, testing, pre-launch preparations and in-orbit commissioning of the Express-AM8, Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 satellites was signed between RSCC, the customer, ISS-Reshetnev, the prime contractor and Thales Alenia Space, the subcontractor for the repeater and antennas, on September 22, 2010. The spacecraft will be manufactured at ISS-Reshetnev’s satellite manufacturing facility in Zheleznogorsk, Siberia. They will accommodate Thales Alenia Space payloads and are projected to have operational lifetimes of 15 years.

The Express-AM8 satellite will be positioned at 14°W. It will produce 5.9kW of payload power and carry 24 active C-band transponders, 16 active Ku-band transponders and 2 active L-band transponders to ensure coverage over Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

The Express-AT1 spacecraft will be positioned at 56°E. It will accommodate 32 active Ku-band transponders and produce approximately 5.6kW of payload power. The satellite will provide coverage over Western and Eastern Russia.

Express-AT2 will occupy the 36 degrees East longitude orbital position and will generate 3kW of payload power. It will be equipped with 16 Ku-band transponders to provide telecommunications services to the western part of Russia.

ISS-Reshetnev is RSCC’s major supplier of telecommunications satellites. The cooperation between the two companies has a three-decade-long history. In the last 30 years ISS-Reshetnev has manufactured a number of satellite series for RSCC, including Gorizont, Ekran, Ekran-M, Express, Express-A and Express-AM which were all used to provide television and radio broadcasting services to Russia and other regions.

The new contract will also strengthen the strategic cooperation between the Reshetnev Company and its French partner, Thales Alenia Space. The results of a 15-year partnership are a number of successfully-implemented joint projects, such as the SESAT spacecraft built for Eutelsat, and 4 Express-A and 6 Express-AM satellites manufactured for RSCC. At present the two companies are working together on the AMOS-5 spacecraft being built for Israel and TELKOM-3 ordered by Indonesia. Besides, ISS and Thales Alenia Space continue to cooperate in a number of data relay programs (Loutch-5A, Loutch-5B and Loutch-4) and geodetic projects (Geo-IK-2 satellites).