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Universal vibration testbed

Universal vibration testbed

ISS-Reshetnev Company will augment its testing facilities with a newest vibration testbed.

The vibration testbed is being built at ISS-Reshetnev’s recently opened Integration and Test Facility. It is used to conduct testing of satellites to verify that they could withstand intense environments similar to those occurring during transportation to the cosmodrome and launch.

This type of testbeds allows vibration testing of a satellite in three different positions without the need to remove and remount the satellite. It helps shorten testing time considerably. The new vibration testbed will provide testing for satellites having a maximum mass of 5,5 tonnes and reaching 11 meters in height.

The monolithic reinforced concrete foundation for the testbed weighs more than 700 tonnes and has already been completed. ISS-Reshetnev specialists are now assembling and mounting the necessary equipment.