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The 20th anniversary of the satellite “Ekran-M” first launch

It was 20 years ago that a spacecraft “Ekran-M” developed and produced by Reshetnev NPO PM, was first launched into GEO on December 27, 1987.

The satellite was modernized from the spacecraft “Ekran” and designed to provide a direct 24-hours TV & radio broadcasting covering Siberia and Far East area.

The mass of the satellite “Ekran-M” is approximately 2000 kg, electric capacity – 1800 W. The spacecraft is equipped with a double-transponder repeater; power of each transponder is 300 W. In late 80-s the satellite already presented a high level of space technology.

The last “Ekran -M” was launched in 2001. Despite its lifetime of 3 years the satellite is still operating in orbit.