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The satellite “Express-AM33” is successfully launched

, the telecom satellite “Express-AM33” created by the Reshetnev Association of Applied Mechanics was orbited successfully.

The spacecraft was launched from the Cosmodrome Baikonur at 3:18 a.m. according to Moscow legal time. The first communication session was held 9 hours after launch, when the specialists received initial telemetry data. The spacecraft deployed its solar array panels and underwent initial sun orientation.

The satellite “Express-AM33” created by Reshetnev Association of Applied Mechanics (NPO PM) in cooperation with a European Thales Alenia Space was built within the frames of the Federal Space Program. NPO PM is responsible for building the satellite on the whole including the bus, payload structure and L-band transponder. French division of Thales Alenia Space built and provided for NPO PM the payload module.

The orbited satellite is the sixth spacecraft related to the “Express-AM” satellite family. It was designed to provide multiple system bundled services (digital television and radio broadcasting, telephony, videoconferencing, data transmitting, Internet access), network deployment based on using VSAT technologies and mobile official call service. “Express-AM33” is equipped with 27 transponders of Ku-, C- and L-bands. The satellite’s launch mass is 2600 kg and its lifetime – 12.