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Yamal-401: Progress of work

Yamal-401: Progress of work

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems is completing the preliminary design of the Yamal-401 spacecraft.

Thus far, the preliminary design of the Yamal-401 satellite has been submitted for approval to TSNIIMash (Central Research Institute of Machine Building) and for consideration to Gazprom Space System, the customer. As soon as the preliminary design is reviewed, ISS-Reshetnev will start developing design documentation.

A few days before, ISS-Reshetnev held a tripartite meeting with the representatives of Gazprom Space Systems and Thales Alenia Space. The three parties discussed a number of questions concerning the layout of repeater equipment and antenna assemblies on the satellite payload structure.

The next-generation Yamal-401 satellite is being built by ISS-Reshetnev for Gazprom Space Systems. It is based on ISS-Reshetnev’s advanced heavy-class platform Express-2000. The satellite will carry 53 transponders in the С- and Ku-bands to provide continuous signal transmission over Europe and Asia.

The Yamal-401 project is a collaborative effort between ISS-Reshetnev, Gazprom Space Systems and Thales Alenia Space. The Reshetnev Company is the prime contractor for the satellite design, development and testing as well as the ground control segment. Gazprom Space Systems together with Thales Alenia Space is responsible for the payload. The company will also design and develop some equipment items for the ground control segment. Thales Alenia Space will supply qualified equipment for the satellite platform.