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Reshetnev Company’s experience in developing information technologies

Reshetnev Company’s experience in developing information technologies

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems has hosted an enlarged meeting of the Council of Interregional non-governmental organization “Community of CIOs of the rocket and space industry”.

Participants of the meeting discussed issues helping to formulate concepts of the implementation of information technologies in the aerospace industry. Since companies adopt and use new technologies differently, it is highly important to share expertise and cooperate with each other in order to work out general approaches to application of information technologies, relying on proven achievements.

A technical session was held within the framework of the event to acquaint the participants with ISS-Reshetnev’s enterprise information system which has been recognized as one of the best IT developments in the industry. Today the company uses information technologies in all fields of its activity. Used in the process of development of satellites, CAD systems enable engineers to create 3D models of spacecraft and their parts which are then used in the manufacture of real products. The main advantage of this approach is that it helps increase quality and reduce time spent on preparing design documentation. ISS-Reshetnev has been making the best use of the computer-aided production planning and control system for many years already. So, one of the most important objectives for the company today is to implement an electronic document management system. Information technologies are also applied in budgeting, planning, accounting and tax accounting. Apart from that, the company utilizes a computer network consisting of more than 4500 personal computers.

“We are currently developing and manufacturing as much as 50 satellites. Modern information technologies are vital to the effective control of development, manufacture and test processes of such a large number of products at the company,” said Nikolay Testoyedov, general designer and director general of ISS-Reshetnev. He also stressed the fact that automation and computer control nowadays are integral parts of not only manufacturing processes, but support ones as well, such as recording of working time.

Participants of the meeting visited one of the company’s design departments where they had an opportunity to see how CAD systems are implemented in satellite design and development. As well as that, the guests were shown how ISS-Reshetnev uses 3D modelling in the manufacture and assembly of cable networks for satellites.