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Exhibition on Mikhail Reshetnev opens in Moscow

A new exhibition dedicated to academician Mikhail Reshetnev, founding father of Siberian satellite building and chief designer of space-based communications, navigation and geodetic systems, opened its doors at the VDNKh Cosmonautics and Aviation Center (Moscow).

The exhibition was organized to coincide with two important anniversary dates marking 95 years since the birth of Mikhail Reshetnev and 60 years since the day when ISS-Reshetnev Company was founded in a small Siberian town. The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by Mikhail Khailov, deputy general director for space-based systems and complexes of the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation, Nikolay Testoyedov, general director of ISS-Reshetnev Company, Denis Kravchenko, State Duma deputy, Fedor Yurchikhin, president of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation, Tamara Belova, daughter of Mikhail Reshetnev, and other special guests.

The exhibition introduces visitors to the main business lines and activities of ISS-Reshetnev – a company that has built more than ¾ of Russia’s national orbital fleet. It features scaled models of four satellites that are of key importance not only for the company itself but for the whole Russian aerospace industry as well. These are a Molniya satellite that laid the foundations of the world’s first satellite-based communications system, Ekran – the first direct broadcasting satellite, Horizont – that was built to provide TV broadcasts during the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, and SESAT – the first satellite that was built by ISS-Reshetnev for a foreign customer.

The exhibition also reveals personal belongings of Mikhail Reshetnev that were donated by his relatives, a small copy of the Reshetnev monument that is located in front of the company’s headquarters in the city of Zheleznogorsk. Packed with a wide array of immersive media presentations, stories and films, the exhibition invites visitors to experience what it takes to build a satellite as well as to learn more about ISS-Reshetnev Company and outstanding satellite designer, Mikhail Reshetnev, who devoted his life to make it all a reality.