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ISS-Reshetnev at “Best invention of the year” competition

Innovative solutions presented by Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company at the competition “Best invention of the year 2015” have won a number of top awards at the event.

The “Best invention of the year 2015” competition was held in Krasnoyarsk as a regional stage of the pan-Russian competition within the framework of the “100 best Russian products” program. The company showcased three solutions for which it had got patents in 2015.

An industrial design “Spacecraft” that represented a design concept and appearance of the Yamal-401 communications satellite was pronounced one of the winners of the “Best invention of the year 2015”. The Yamal-401 satellite was developed and built around ISS-Reshetnev heavy-class Express-2000 platform with a designed 15-year lifespan to provide high-quality communications, television and radio broadcasting services.

Another two solutions that ISS-Reshetnev Company presented at the competition were a “Portable solar power station” and a “Quick-lock collet chuck”. They also won awards. The portable solar power station features a specially designed panel deployment mechanism that ensures its ease of use. Advanced composite materials applied in this station help make its structure more light-weight and reliable. As for the quick-lock collet chuck, it is used to hold long work pieces securely in place during fabrication, so it helps eliminate vibrations and as a result considerably increase the accuracy of machining.

The “Best invention of the year” competition is held annually and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Krasnoyarsk region. It is organized with a view to enhancing the prestige of engineering professions and inventive work. While judging at the competition, the most important factors considered are the novelty and originality of the idea, as well as its applicability and relevance to the top priority goals set to foster economic development of the region.