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Express-AT2 satellite finally commissioned

The Express-AT2 telecommunications spacecraft, developed and built by ISS-Reshetnev Company, has been handed over to the customer and is now ready for service.

The satellite has arrived at its orbital position of 140 degrees East longitude following successful completion of flight tests. In-orbit payload checkout was carried out at 69.5 degrees East longitude. Now with Express-AT2 having undergone all required flight tests and being stationed in the dedicated GEO slot, control of the satellite has been transferred to the operator.

The telecommunications satellite Express-AT2 is intended to provide high definition direct-to-home television services, fixed and mobile communications, data transmission and high speed internet access. The satellite covers the whole territory of Russia’s Far East, thus making advanced information services available to people living in the region.

Express-AT2 was built for the Russian Satellite Communications Company and launched on March 16, 2014. Based on the Express-1000K platform, the spacecraft has a contractual lifetime of 15 years and carries 16 Ku-band transponders.