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KazSat-3 reaches final destination

The telecommunications satellite KazSat-3, developed and manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev Company, has finally taken its place in the geostationary orbit.

On its way to the assigned orbital position of 58.5 degrees East longitude the satellite was guided by the ISS-Reshetnev team jointly with the customer’s representatives from the ground control complex in the Akkol city, which had been built by ISS-Reshetnev as part of the KazSat-3 satellite project. The spacecraft’s telemetry was controlled at ISS-Reshetnev’s Information and Computation Center as well.

The satellite is now to undergo in-orbit platform and payload testing, after that control of the satellite will be handed over to the customer. The KazSat-3 telecommunications satellite is anticipated to begin commercial service in mid-December.

Once the satellite is commissioned into service, the Reshetnev Company will continue providing in-orbit maintenance and support during the following six months.

As well as that, practical training courses on satellite control operations organized for the customer’s representatives are coming to an end.

The KazSat-3 satellite is intended to provide a wide range of services, including telecommunications, television broadcasting and high speed Internet access, to Kazakhstan. KazSat-3 is based on the Express-1000HTB platform and weighs 1743 kilograms; its payload is comprised of two contour-beam antennas, 28 active and six spare Ku-band transponders.

The KazSat-3 telecommunications satellite has been built by the Reshetnev Company under a satellite construction contract with the Republican Center of Space Communications (the Republic of Kazakhstan) that the both parties concluded on June 20, 2011.