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Inventors and innovators of the Reshetnev NPO Prikladnoi mekhaniki

The last Saturday in June, in Russia there is the Inventors and Innovators Day. At NPO PM all spacecraft production stages are accompanied with the active implementation of technical innovations and inventions made by the company specialists.

The Inventors and Innovators Day is a holiday for the NPO PM employees who implemented about two thousand inventions for more than forty years.

The most active inventive activities are addressing the spacecraft thermal control subsystems, thruster fueling subsystems, electric power subsystems, large antennas, honeycomb panel production, thermal control coatings, electronic circuits, spacecraft testing. According to Mr. Vladimir Akchurin, the Honoured inventor of the Russian Federation, principal engineer-designer of NPO PM, who made more than 80 inventions, the inventive work means simultaneous solving of technical, economic, arrangement and legal issues arising while creating a new satellite. It is possible to make a highly effective invention only combining the creative efforts of designers, production specialists, economists and managers.

Each year, the Reshetnev NPO PM registers several tens of inventions, in particular, in 2006 there were more than 30 of them.