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The spacecraft “Glonass-M” are operating as planned

Three spacecraft “Glonass-M”, developed and produced by the Reshetnev’s NPO PM, injected into orbit on the , are operating as planned.

All three “Glonass-M” spacecraft launched into orbit on the 26th of October from the Baikonour launching-site are earth and sun oriented. The equipment comprising altitude control and stabilization systems, temperature regulating systems, control-measuring systems has been checked-up. The satellites’ on-board synchronizing devices are in a high stability mode.

Transferring the data into RAM of the on-board digital data-processing complexes is planned for today. Spacecraft are operating without rebukes.

Preliminary orbital measurement has been carried out by this moment. According to the preliminary plan orbit correction and transferring the spacecraft to the operation points are to be carried out on the 1st of November. Concerning the results of precise orbit measurement the plan will be defined concretely.