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ISS-Reshetnev Company to improve quality control with new equipment

Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company has recently purchased a new shearograph – a machine intended for quality control and testing of materials.

This equipment is custom-made: it has been tailored to the specific needs of the Reshetnev Company. Unlike a mobile shearograph which is currently available at ISS-Reshetnev, this new complex is robot-assisted and there is no machine of this kind anywhere in Russia.

Shearography is a measuring and testing method, a type of laser interferometry technique which helps check composite structures for hidden defects. If a defect is detected during the inspection of internal layers of a structure, a shearograph can precisely indicate the location of the defect. It helps eliminate the defect quickly and proceed to the next stage of production. Compared to other non-destructive testing methods, shearography techniques not only ensure careful quality control of composite structures but also help speed up the whole process. These properties of the complex are advantageous to the manufacture of large-sized satellite structures such as honeycomb panels and antenna reflectors.

The state-of-the-art shearograph allows checking for defects to be performed not only on separate components and parts but also on already assembled satellite structures.