JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Outstanding achievements of ISS-Reshetnev employees recognized by the town administration

ISS-Reshetnev employees received certificates of their entering on the board of honour of Zheleznogorsk.

ISS-Reshetnev employees Anastasia Chernyatina, Valery Brailo and Andrey Solovyov whose portraits had been included in the town’s electronic board of honour, were recognized at a special meeting held in the town administration on the occasion of the Town day.

Each of ISS-Reshetnev employees whose portraits were posted on the town’s electronic board of honour, are leading the way and through their service and dedication work enthusiastically across many areas of the company’s business lines. The official awards ceremony was held on the occasion of the Town day which once again demonstrated the importance of ISS-Reshetnev employees’ contributions not only to the company’s success and well-being but also to the development of the Zheleznogorsk town itself.

The electronic board of honour with portraits of 20 most outstanding employees of Zheleznogorsk-based companies and organizations can be found on the website of Zheleznogorsk administration in the “about the town” section.