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ISS-Reshetnev Company’s results for 2015

On December 30 Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company is holding a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council to sum up the results the company achieved in 2015.

In 2015 eight satellites designed and built by ISS-Reshetnev were launched into different types of orbits. As well as that, three orbital constellations were finally completed by the company – to ensure national security and as part of the implementation of the Federal Space Program. Two space-based satellite systems, Loutch and Gonets-D1M, which are based on ISS-Reshetnev’s satellites, following the results of flight tests were recommended by the State commission to start trial operation. As of today, five Russian space-based systems fulfill their missions via satellites built by ISS-Reshetnev.

There are 96 satellites made by ISS-Reshetnev Company currently orbiting the Earth on various orbits which represents more than two thirds of the total number of satellites comprising Russia’s orbital fleet. On the ground there are 12 more ready satellites waiting for launch.

Now at ISS-Reshetnev’s facilities there are more than 30 satellites at varying stages of production. The company has signed new contracts for the production of 16 more satellites.

ISS-Reshetnev constantly continues improving its production and testing facilities to be able to manufacture advanced next-generation satellites. In 2015 the company successfully implemented 50 research and development projects. Additionally, 28 R&D projects are being realized now. As for new developments, 71 new solutions introduced by ISS-Reshetnev engineers received patents.

Results achieved by ISS-Reshetnev Company in the 2015 year show that it continues holding leading positions in the Russian aerospace industry.