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Express-80 satellite: installation of communications equipment

A payload module structure, manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev Company for the Express-80 telecommunications satellite, safely arrived to Italy to undergo integration with its communications equipment.

Express-80’s payload module structure was flown from Zheleznogorsk to Rome, and now it is going through incoming inspection at Thales Alenia Space Italy. All checks are performed by Italian technicians jointly with ISS-Reshetnev specialists. Under the Express-80 project TAS Italy is responsible for the satellite’s payload.

At TAS Italy the payload module structure will be equipped with transponders and other instruments. It will take several months to complete installation, and then the payload module will return back to ISS-Reshetnev facilities to be integrated with the rest of the satellite.

ISS-Reshetnev Company is building Express-80 and Express-103 telecommunications satellites under a contract with Russia’s national satellite operator RSCC. The two new satellites are intended to augment and increase capabilities of the Russian orbital fleet. In accordance with the contract schedules ISS-Reshetnev Company will build the Express-80 satellite first, and then proceed to manufacturing Express-103. The satellites are due to launch together aboard one rocket in 2019.