JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems
“Klyon” TCR station commissioned

“Klyon” TCR station commissioned

The telemetry, command and ranging station Klyon was put into operation in July at the JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems”.

The universal station Klyon is intended to control civilian satellites manufactured for the Federal Space Agency. The station has been deployed at the ISS premises and includes a fully rotatable antenna, whose reflector is 9 meters in diameter, and a hardware and software system developed by the Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering.

The first communication session between the Klyon and the Sterkh satellite developed by the Production Association Polyot (Omsk) for the Russian orbital constellation went off well. The successfully-performed reception of the satellite’s telemetry data and its transmission to the Satellite Control Center followed the start of the Klyon’s normal operation.

The telemetry, command and ranging station Klyon has been set up to promote the deployment of the Central TCR Station “Krasnoyarsk-26”, a part of the Integrated State Ground Control Segment. According to Vladimir Kovalyov, the chief designer of the satellite operation and control department, the ISS is going to deploy another TCR station to be named Komparus by the end of 2009. The station is being developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Precision Instruments. Besides, in the nearest future, another ten TCR units are planned to be deployed within the scope of the Krasnoyarsk-26 Central TCR Station project.