2020 year


Glonass-M satellite goes into service
Science and Technical Council
Interdepartmental commission at the instruction of the President
General director of ROSCOSMOS at ISS-Reshetnev Company
Glonass-M at the Plesetsk cosmodrome


Presidential Scholarships for ISS-Reshetnev experts
Antenna Field to be reconstructed
Joint meeting with Rossvyaz and RSCC
Next Express satellites delivered to launch site
Launch of a communication satellite
Loutch-5A satellite in the COSPAS-SARSAT system


50th anniversary of the Mechanical Plant
Chief Designers Council
20th birthday of Express-A satellite
Glonass-M in orbit
ISS-Reshetnev presents inventions at ARCHIMEDES-2020
ISS-Reshetnev’s first international project – 20 years of cooperation
Space Art Festival: Read. Listen. Watch


Engineers of the Year
Glonass-M enters service
Launch of communications satellites postponed
Report to the President
ISS-Reshetnev Company shines again at ARCHIMEDES
Express-AMU7 payload at ISS-Reshetnev


Countermeasures against coronavirus infection
ISS-Reshetnev wins contract to build new Loutch satellite
COVID-19 cases detected at ISS-Reshetnev
ISS-Reshetnev steps up measures to limit the spread of COVID-19


Express-AMU7 assembly completed
Industry Championship of Professional Skills
Update of occupational standards


Gonets-M satellites readied to fly to cosmodrome
Preparations resume for Express satellites upcoming launch
ISS-Reshetnev’s invention among best in Russia
New production area to open at ISS-Reshetnev Company
New Express satellites in orbit


Reconstruction of Antenna Field
Industry Championship of Professional Skills gets underway
Anniversary of the first Siberian space project
Gonets satellites delivered to launch site
ISS-Reshetnev Company at ARMY-2020


Medals of Industry Championship of Professional Skills
Memorandum with Glavkosmos
New satellites for GONETS
Glonass-K satellite readies for launch
Gonets-M satellites in orbit


Second stage of the Industry Championship of Professional Skills
Payload module structure for AngoSat-2
35th anniversary of Loutch
Newest Glonass-K satellite launched into space
Universal vibration testbed


Medals of WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2020
Express-AMU3 assembly completed
Reshetnev Readings – 2020
Russian Federation Government Prize
Microcircuits for newest satellites


Gonets satellites leave Earth
Development of the Gonets-D1M communications system
Geostationary Raduga
Framework agreement with SAFT
Ten years of fruitful work
ISS-Reshetnev: 2020 year results