2020 year


Glonass-M satellite goes into service
Science and Technical Council
Interdepartmental commission at the instruction of the President
General director of ROSCOSMOS at ISS-Reshetnev Company
Glonass-M at the Plesetsk cosmodrome


Presidential Scholarships for ISS-Reshetnev experts
Antenna Field to be reconstructed
Joint meeting with Rossvyaz and RSCC
Next Express satellites delivered to launch site
Launch of a communication satellite
Loutch-5A satellite in the COSPAS-SARSAT system


50th anniversary of the Mechanical Plant
Chief Designers Council
20th birthday of Express-A satellite
Glonass-M in orbit
ISS-Reshetnev presents inventions at ARCHIMEDES-2020
ISS-Reshetnev’s first international project – 20 years of cooperation
Space Art Festival: Read. Listen. Watch


Engineers of the Year
Glonass-M enters service
Launch of communications satellites postponed
Report to the President
ISS-Reshetnev Company shines again at ARCHIMEDES
Express-AMU7 payload at ISS-Reshetnev


Countermeasures against coronavirus infection
ISS-Reshetnev wins contract to build new Loutch satellite