JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Human resources policy

ISS-Reshetnev’s human resources policy aims to build effective teams of highly qualified and motivated people capable of giving a competitive edge to the company and reinforcing its leading position in the space technology market.

Principal goals of the company’s human resources policy

  • determination of the strategy and main goals of personnel management;
  • recruitment planning;
  • search and recruitment of employees, professional training;
  • talent pool succession planning;
  • assessment of the company’s employees’ performance potential;
  • retraining and professional development programs;
  • specification of workplaces, working conditions; job management.

HR policy principles

  • attracting the most talented school leavers and giving them an opportunity to enroll at Russia’s leading universities and study as part of a target training program (those professions that ISS-Reshetnev has a need for), including all types of internship programs at the company’s site, hand-on experience and certification of graduates;
  • incentive plans, employee incentive programs;
  • employee learning and skills development programs, training, retraining and professional development systems;
  • unbiased assessment of the company’s employees performance;
  • employee career planning, including talent pool succession planning;
  • promotion health and well-being of employees through corporate social responsibility initiatives.