JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Education and training

ISS-Reshetnev has an extensive multistep program aimed to provide education and professional development opportunities to the company’s employees with a view of supporting them in their professional growth and efforts to develop their professional expertise. It helps ensure high performance levels and strengthen the ability of ISS-Reshetnev employees to meet constantly increasing demands inherent in high-technology manufacturing.

Every year more than 20 percent of the company’s employees undergo training and attend various professional development courses.

ISS-Reshetnev’s education and professional development initiatives aim at:

  • maintaining a high professional level and qualification of the company’s employees with due regard to the present-day manufacturing needs and future development prospects;
  • increasing the competitiveness, quality and reliability of products manufactured by the company through the use of advanced technologies and effective labour management and administration methods;
  • increasing productivity and reducing production costs;
  • developing business skills of the employees, providing professional development opportunities in the market economy conditions using incentive plans and a range of latest Russian and foreign training programs;
  • preparing employees for relocation or holding concurrently positions.;/li>
  • - upgrading skills and competences necessary for effective work.

ISS-Reshetnev’s education and professional development initiatives include:

  • a wide array of regular seminars and courses on current issues and topics relevant to the company’s activities (at the company’s facilities);
  • education and practical training of the company’s employees at educational institutions, specialized training centers; networking opportunities;
  • self-education that is aimed to facilitate personal growth and realization of the employee’s need for professional development through self-study of profession-specific literature and learning best practices in the field of interest;
  • distance learning as an opportunity to gain up-to-date knowledge in the most advanced and fast developing subject areas;
  • employee training as part of succession planning; researchers training;
  • target training (something like “company-sponsored education”) of talented school leavers on a wide range of education courses (primary, secondary and higher vocational education) available for those professions that ISS-Reshetnev Company has an acute need for.

ISS-Reshetnev Company plans, organizes and manages educational and professional development activities in accordance with federal, industry and company regulations.

Apart from all mentioned above, in accordance with the existing laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, the company provides regular workplace health and safety training, inspects and evaluates how its employees fulfill their occupational safety and health responsibilities. To be able to monitor and control these processes, the company applies a computerized management system.