JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Personal communications

As of today, multi-satellite personal communications systems based on constellations of small satellites are becoming increasingly popular and enter wider use. ISS-Reshetnev Company has many years’ experience developing and building this type of satellites. Despite being relatively small and cheap to manufacture, personal communications satellites are capable of solving a great many of vital tasks.

ISS-Reshetnev Company currently works on the creation of the personal satellite communications system GONETS-D1M. The system is primarily aimed at providing and enabling:

  • tracking and monitoring cargos and vehicles;
  • ecological, industrial and scientific monitoring;
  • communications in remote areas with poor infrastructure;
  • emergency communications;
  • organizing global corporate and departmental data transmission networks.

Today Gonets-M satellites form the core of the space-based GONETS-D1M system.

In a separate development, the company is focused on building next-generation and more advanced satellites of the Gonets-M1 series.